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“Recently emerging as a strong and powerful abstract painter, James has honed her craft for the last five years. Focusing on color and line relationship, she cites Willem de Kooning as her early inspiration. However, her take on painting is less angst-ridden, gentler, with a more feminine color palette that belies the strength of her paint handling.”

-Sylvia Benitez (2/2022)
President, The Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association
Artist of the Year, San Antonio Art League and Museum 2022

Solitude   Natures Unveiling.jpg

Artist Mary James' one woman show is absolutely stunning. This is a show not to be missed.  Her paintings are  beautifully created with organic shapes filled with an exquisite nuance of color that will take your breath away.

She is not one to shy away from large canvases which dominate the show.

James has approached design with a sophisticated elegance which shows in her brushstrokes as they are light yet telling of the artist hand painted with confidence.

- Gwen Fox
Art Coach, Artist, Teacher

A commissioned painting was an unexpected decision for me.  I loved the journey and seeing it come alive on canvas.  Your artful, intuitive talent and spirit served as the foundation for my painting. It simply dances with love and light.  Thank you, Mary



Mary is a gifted artist filled with a powerful sense of design and color.

I love how Mary takes an ordinary image and transcends that image into an exquisite abstract painting filled with emotion.  She is courageous and fearless about each piece of art she creates.

I am fortunate enough to own a Mary James painting and each day it brings me joy.

- Gwen Fox
Art Coach, Artist, Teacher

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