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Past Event

January 16 - March 13, 2020

Thursday, January 16, 2020
6 - 8pm
20/20 is an auspicious number especially for a visual artist - perfect vision.  Wanting to also call attention to this New Year and the coincidence or significance of its number.  Another show was created for GAGA Members who work abstractly.  This is a show about seeing a different way.  It celebrates artists who take the time to look at our world through creative eyes.
Sylvia Benitez, Founder/GAGA
Sally Astleford • Lisa Mara Bell • Lesta Frank • Nancy Gerfers • Anna Gordy • Mary James
Kathrine Lamb • Elizabeth McCown • Loretta Medellin • Lisa Meyer • Thelma Muraida
Virginia Ridgeway • Caroline Royall • Mary Runner • Bibi Saidi • Walton Selig 
Marilyn Sherer • Donna Simon • Stefani Job Spears • Paula Sussman
Pamela Taylor • Nancy Vandenberg • Denise Varner
Lisa Walker • Leslie Williams 
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