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"What Is and What Was"

“What Is and What Was” is a captivating collection of expressive abstract paintings exploring the fragility and resilience of the human experience and the interplay between the present and the past. Guided by intuition, James digs deep into a dialogue of what is and what was, exploring how it reflects changes in our lives— differing states of health (sickness or wholeness); differing states of mind (anxiety or contentment); differing states of engagement (active or passive). Each painting in this series explores life’s transitions as viewed through the artist’s personal journey.

As she begins her artistic process, James allows her instincts and truth to guide her, making quick, gestural marks that build into layers of color, texture, and spatial relationships. After numerous layers, a sense of balance and harmony begins to formulate the composition.

The complexity and multi-layered nature of James’ soulful paintings invites the viewer to intimately explore their own memories and life changes. “What Is and What Was” is a beautiful reminder of the power of art to profoundly connect us all, regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs, and to help us find meaning and beauty in the world around us.

“This exhibition embodies the intuitive expression of James’ soul as she reflects on life experiences,

its fragility and resilience, while forging connections between the present and the past.”

scroll through my art below then click on any image to enlarge & view more details

Artist Mary James' one woman show is absolutely stunning. This is a show not to be missed.  Her paintings are  beautifully created with organic shapes filled with an exquisite nuance of color that will take your breath away.

She is not one to shy away from large canvases which dominate the show.

James has approached design with a sophisticated elegance which shows in her brushstrokes as they are light yet telling of the artist hand painted with confidence.

                                                                       - Gwen Fox, Artist, Art Coach, and Teacher

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